about the audio curator

I’m the Audio Curator and it’s my job to take all of the recordings and turn them into a beautiful, compelling audio biography.  I’m always looking to capture the essence of a person because I believe that every single one of us has something unique and fundamental to say about what it means to be alive.  I see it as my role to find those moments of wisdom and put them centre stage.  

I'm extremely careful to treat every anecdote with the utmost respect and sensitivity no matter how incidental it may feel at first.  I want to capture every detail and ensure that each audio biography has its own distinctive rhythm and feel.  An audio biography should always be a reflection of the person and their own essential voice.  

Curating an audio biography is an huge responsibility but also a privilege.  I am very lucky to be able to listen people’s stories and learn from their life experiences.  I have one of the best jobs an editor could ever ask for!         


My name is Ben Clough and I'm a film-maker and script-writer with over 20 years experience in the industry.

I've directed drama for Channel 4 and made documentaries as far afield as Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and Kenya.

Above all, I love to meet people and listen to their stories.