The TV & Audio Biography of Success


The TV & Audio Biographer will tell the extraordinary living stories of your business, institution or charity through the precious memories of your founders and employees who in the past have been crucial to your ultimate success today. 

We will use all our traditional interviewing techniques and chronological story telling skills we employ to tell an individual's biography and apply them to the history of your company big or small. 

In addition to our interviews we will locate and pull together old film pieces, library material, news archive and stills to create a dedicated film, short youtube clip plus a  bespoke corporate book so that the contemporary history of your company will be remembered for generations to come.

The important thing is to capture on TV or audio the much treasured memories of those people who were instrumental to your success whilst they are still able to be interviewed. Please contact me, Barbara Altounyan on :

                                           or 0771-253-4399