1. Why can't I do this myself ?

You can !

But if I'm there to guide you, as a professional interviewer with more than 30 years experience with the BBC and other broadcasters, I will surely make a better job of it. 

I will make sure I get the best possible interviews and in good chronological order until all the recordings are definitely completed. 


2. Do I have to be famous?

Absolutely anyone can apply.


3. What happens if I can't remember the details of my past ?

You will have ample research time to ask friends and family in between recording sessions to jog your memory along. The memorabilia you bring with you will also help. 

In my experience interviewees may not be able to remember what they did last week but they are able to recall minute personal details from their more distant past. 


4. How can I be sure my life story will remain confidential ?

I will sign a legally binding contract to ensure your level of confidentiality is strictly adhered to.


5. Can my life story be recorded on film as well ?

Yes I'm across both TV and radio, I can arrange both very easily.