Reviews from recent clients


“I wanted to get a serious professional service to carry out an audio-biography for a family member and that’s what I got from Barbara, The Audio Biographer” says Dr Caroline Mortimer, Highbury & Islington

“There was a story to be remembered about my father’s horrific experiences during partition in Pakistan. I wanted the story told and passed on to younger generations. We had all been told snippets but never the full coherent story. We needed an independent biographer who could extract this information for the family, “ says Natasha Kumar, London

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“We were very pleased that a story which would otherwise be lost when he died -  has now been recorded for his family for evermore -  this is very important to us. His life time achievements as a cancer specialist in the UK has now been described in great detail,  this would otherwise have been lost for us, his children and also for his grandchildren, we want them to know who their grandfather is. “ About a now retired Oncology Professor from Derbyshire  

“It was a wonderful experience, not only for my father, but also for his wife and children.  Distant memories were mobilised. This had the effect of bringing together his life story in a way he’s never experienced before, he loved it.”

About 90 year old George Minne, church organist and teacher from Armagh, Northern Ireland

“He - and we - were left with a much more accurate view of not only his achievements and contributions to society but to us as a family. The sense of his impact on us all, enriching our lives with his love of people and the arts, particularly music, was astounding. It helped us appreciate him more, “ from Patrick Minne, Belfast

“I would strongly recommend the audio biographer and her editor, The Audio Curator Ben Clough. Their genuine interest and passion in their task was tangible. Barbara immersed herself in the family constellation whilst retaining a professional stance. Ben, who did not meet the family, was clearly fascinated by the narratives and took real pleasure in editing these to ensure he could capture the emotional content of the stories.” Dr Mortimer, London

 “Having his life story recorded by Barbara offered my father an exclusive opportunity to look back over his life and all achievements and hopefully gave him a reason to celebrate, he is otherwise very humble indeed. Barbara gave him an opportunity to tell his story without feeling embarrassed or big headed. He never really liked to answer our questions at home but when the Audio Biographer turned up, he was very keen to describe everything about his life, some of the detail was completely new to us.” Dr Ben K from Leicester

“I know my father found the experience very enjoyable but also thought provoking, the true value of the audio biography recordings will become even more evident once he's no longer with us. I would recommend this to everyone and I would add…….. do it before it’s too late “ Kim Morgan, London

“I really enjoyed the experience of being recorded, I wish the recordings could have gone on for longer !  In the beginning I was a little concerned about how I was going to tell my own life story, but in fact Barbara’s questions really helped, we took each audio recordings quite slowly, we recorded ten years of my life at a time and the memories just came flooding back, it was great !  “  says Lawrie Simmons from La Linear, Spain and Gibraltar.